Terchová and tourism

In the area of the National park there are about 130 km accesible touristic paths. The conservation of the Krivánska Fatra territory has been secured since 1967 when is was declared the protected country region. This area has been integrated into the category of National parks since 1988 pursuant to the preserved, relatively untouched nature.

The main ridge of the central part of Malá Fatra consists of the massive peaks overtoping the height of 1500 m, Kriváň 17009 m, CHleb 1648 m, Stoh 1608 m, Veľký Rozsutec 1610 m that alternate with fabulous villages. During summer touristic season the visitors are attracted not only by the various touristic trails for the demanding tourists but also for the less capable ones. The most known are:

Hrebeňovka (Sierra trail), the pathway leads through the ridges of the highest hills of Malá Fatra, when the wheater and visibility are good you can seethe chain of mountains of Kysuce, Babia Hora, Roháče, Veľká Fatra, Martinské Hole.Malá Fatra: look from Choča

Jánošíkové diery is a pathway from easy up to more difficult levels, but best suited for those who would like to have a rest and forget about everyday problems.Jánošíkove diery

Zbojnický chodník is more difficult, starts with a sheer rise when the height difference is about 480 m but the striking views of almost the whole main ridge of Malá Fatra are worth it.Zbojnícky sidewalk

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