From time to time, there can be seen on the sky over Vrátna sailplanes. But the professional nature protectionists think that they could scare away the game and birdlife. A friend of mine who is a devotee to sailplaning told me once, that when flying by sailplane he had seen as a raptor sat down on the wing of his friend´s sailplane. Unfortunatelly nobody shot a photo of it. What would the professional protectionists say to it?

Malá Fatra Poludňový grúň - 1460 m Malá Fatra Poludňový grúň-východ Terchová Mravečník - 992,5m
Terhová pohľad na klzáky   Terchová v pozadí CHleb - 1645,5 m

Some interesting references:

http://stranik.host.sk/ - approximately 20km from Terchova is a mountain mostly used for sailplaning.

www.paragliding.sk - paragliding club.

http://www.zelpo.sk/sport/rogalo/index.htm - various information about sailplaning.

http://szm.sk/zabspopa/ - entertainment and leisure time – sport – flying , paragliding.


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